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Veggies look pretty good
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“You eat meat, so why not blood?” asked The Globe and Mail, which sampled several Toronto restaurants’ sanguinary haute cuisines, including the Italian eatery Buca’s spaghetti with blood-blackened noodles and torta di sanguinaccio (figs, almonds, buffalo-milk creme, on a base custard of dark chocolate and slow-cooked pig’s blood).
Patrons “thought we were crazy,” said chef Rob Gentile, but now “can’t seem to get enough.”
The Black Hoof restaurant uses 10 liters of fresh blood a week for dishes like its own blood custard, seasoned with rosemary and pickled pears.
Montreal’s DNA kitchen sometimes highlights blood soup and blood pasta.
The Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark — which some believe to be the best restaurant in the world — marinates cauliflower in pig’s blood.
It’s all fun
‘til someone
gets poked
in the eye
“I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. And you’re not going to get me to get it,” warned Marine squadron commander Lt. Col. Jerry Turner to a Wall Street Journal Afghanistan reporter, when learning that a few of his troops were sporting artistically shaped eyebrows sculpted by a barber in the town of Shinwar.
“Stylist” Gulam Farooq can’t practice on Muslims (forbidden) but said “one or two” Marines come by every day (in between calling in artillery barrages) for tapering. 
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