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We don't care where she gets the money
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Convicted Pennsylvania embezzler Lanette Sansoni pleaded guilty and agreed to reimburse the victim the remaining $200,000 of the $475,000 she had stolen.
Judge Joseph Smyth then sentenced Sansoni to house arrest — for 21 years.
She can remain out of jail as long as she works and contributes at least $750 a month for restitution.
Western justice
is a thing
of beauty
Samuel McMaster Jr. pleaded guilty to securities fraud in Albuquerque but struck a deal with prosecutors to enable restitution to his two dozen victims.
McMaster fancies himself an expert at poker, and the judge agreed to withhold sentencing for six months to let McMaster prove he could earn at least $7,500 a month for his victims at Las Vegas poker tables.
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