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Weird smells are a big deal
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It is not the most popular fetish, but a few men do don raincoats and climb down into public outhouse pits.
Luke Chrisco, 30, was apprehended by police in a portable toilet at the Hanuman Yoga Festival in Boulder, Colo.
Chrisco actually “slipped” away from police, but was arrested the next day in nearby Vail.
According to his Facebook and YouTube pages (reported by The Smoking Gun) Chrisco offered himself as a male escort (sample rate: $620 for seven days) and recalled in one video that, on the road, he once avoided sleeping overnight at a Greyhound Bus station because it “smelled weird.”
Who says we
can’t build anything?
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has become an increasingly larger and more permanent part of the ocean.
Plastic and other floatables, along with concentrations of chemical sludge, estimated to measure from 0.4 percent to 8 percent of the entire Pacific and responsible for disruptions of the food chain affect various species of aquatic life. Now, thanks to the March tsunami near Japan, the estimated 25 million tons of debris from cars, homes, appliances, shipping containers, chemicals, etc., from coastal Fukushima that washed back out to sea will soon be caught in the same Pacific swirls, in what a French environmental group forecast would be a pair of ocean-navigating journeys that will last at least 10 years.
It will gradually break off and join (thus substantially enlarging) the two distinct legs of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
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