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Write it down, for crying out loud
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Four NYPD officers, acting on department intelligence, went to the home of Walter and Rose Martin in Brooklyn, N.Y., looking for a suspect, and broke a window as they worked their way inside.
The Martins, retired and in their 80s, were clean, and a police spokesman later admitted that officers had wrongly visited or raided the Martins’ home more than 50 times since 2002 because of a stubborn computer glitch.
When the software was originally installed, an operator tested it by mindlessly typing in a random address, but that happened to be the Martins’ house, and thus the visits and raids began.
The Martins say they have been assured several times that the problem had been corrected, but evidently their address has wormed its way too deep into the system.
Soon, not
to be seen
anywhere near you
Time magazine reported this summer that among the entrants in this year’s “Detroit Hair Wars” (showcasing 34 stylists working with 300 models) were:
The Hummer — stylist: “Little Willie” — in which a mass of extensions is shaped to resemble the vehicle, including four large tires, with “metal” wheels and front grid added, sitting upon the styled hair of model Sharv Bailey;
And Beautiful Butterfly — stylist: Niecy Hayes — featuring extensions thinned, teased and stretched into four artistic “wings” arising from the styled hair of model Taja Hiu.
Both stylings appear to be at least 2 feet long, dwarfing the models’ heads, and take at least 10 hours to prepare.
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