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Yee-haw, lets break the law
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Police in Corpus Christi, Texas, looked to the public for help to find the man who, according to surveillance video of a city agency building, stole three surveillance cameras — not the recording units, just the cameras — by lassoing them from their perches near the ceiling.
of breaking
the law ...
A Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV investigation revealed the astonishing result that Illinois laws passed in 1997 and 2007 at the behest of organized labor have given at least three former union leaders lifetime government pensions as if they had been city or state employees, totaling an estimated drain on public budgets of about $7 million.
Two teachers’ union officials were allowed to teach exactly one day to qualify, and an engineers’ union official was hired for exactly one day, with the remainder of the service of the three having been on the payroll of the respective unions.
A Tribune report estimated that perhaps 20 other union officials might have been eligible under similar provisions.
Like, what
happened to
real clothes?
It was haute couture meeting haute cuisine at the Communication Museum in Berlin, as prominent German chef Roland Trettl introduced his fashions (displayed on live models) made from food, including a tunic of octopus, a miniskirt of seaweed, a trouser suit made with lean bacon, a scarf of squid ink pasta, and a hat woven from lettuce.
The museum director (presumably without irony) said the items were “provocative” and “raised questions.”
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