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You cant outrun a Taser
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After a “clothing malfunction,” veteran marathoner Brett Henderson, 35, decided during the Flying Pig Race in Cincinnati that, since marathoners sometimes run naked in California, he could do it there.
Henderson outran police and stopped only when he was Tasered.
Sicko develops
a new twist
to his perversion
Lawrence Bottone, 52, of Stamford, Conn., served four years in prison in the late-1990s for his fondness for attracting and convincing teenage boys and young men to strip down to underwear and allow him to torture (and photograph) them — chaining them to his garage wall, whipping them and inserting stakes under their fingernails.
In May, police in Westchester County, N.Y., arrested Bottone for what appears to signal a return to his specialty but with an updated, 21st-century rationale.
Now, according to police, he “recruits” young men to work at a fictitious “intelligence agency” — which requires Bottone to “train” them to withstand torture.
Well, you need to
cover up that
‘third eye,’ jack
Just after Clayton County, Ga., school teacher, Harlan Porter, was told his contract would not be renewed, he walked naked through the school hallways (no students were present) and spoke of a “newer level of enlightenment” now that his “third eye was open”
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