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You dirty life-savin rats!
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Colorado inmate Daniel Self filed a federal lawsuit against the Sterling Correctional Facility because prison personnel saved his life.
They revived him after he had stopped breathing from an attack of sleep apnea.
But he contends he had previously demanded to officials that he never be resuscitated, preferring to die rather serve out his life sentence.
Death before
more medical bills!
Terry Barth complained to hospital officials that he was “kidnapped” by paramedics and thus cannot be liable for the $40,000 he has been billed by Enloe Medical Center in Chico, Calif., where he was brought by ambulance following a motorcycle crash in August 2010.
Barth said he had insisted at the scene that paramedics not take him to a hospital because he had no medical insurance.
Paramedics are legally required to take anyone with a serious head injury.
Another genius
makes the scene   
In Durango, Colo., Sean Ogden, 19, was seriously burned when he tried to break down fireworks he had purchased in order to build even bigger ones.
He was mixing them in a coffee-bean grinder.
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