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You get what you pay for
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There was no “individual mandate.”
To meet its municipal budget, the town of South Fulton, Tenn., assessed each residence $75 a year for firefighting service, but in the name of “liberty” gave people the chance to opt out of coverage.
Vicky Bell chose not to pay, and when her home caught fire, firefighters rushed to the scene — but only to be on hand in case the fire spread to her neighbors, who had paid their fees.
Bell’s home burned to the ground as firefighters watched.
Mayor David Crocker said “a majority” of residents had paid the fee.
to know
A recent article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported the painful results obtained by three Hispanic men incarcerated in the southwestern United States who had, for some reason, inserted specially designed chips, carved from dominoes, under the skin of their penises, apparently based on a folkloric belief that “sexual performance and virility” would be enhanced.
Infections resulted, requiring “major” surgery that was unspecified in the article.
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