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Opinion page cartoon contained disinformation
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To the editor:

I suspect I am on Facebook too much, because when I saw the editorial cartoon the Great Bend Tribune published on March 10, 2021, I expected their fact check, “this is partially false information,” screen to suddenly flash over the graphic. The cartoon said that the Republicans had delayed the COVID relief bill again, and implied that those suffering because of it weren’t amused. I call disinformation because of the fact that the Republicans had been trying hard for months to get another COVID relief bill passed, only to have their efforts stymied because the Democrats insisted on adding hundreds of billions of dollars in pork, which the Republicans rejected.

Now that the relief bill has passed, with less than 10 percent of it going to relieve COVID caused problems, (showing the GOP objections to be well founded) perhaps the Tribune will focus more on exposing the whole truth of every issue. America seems to be getting smothered under an avalanche of disinformation which is causing great social division and feeding wild conspiracy theories. I hope that going forward we can expect the Tribune to not be a source for more of this kind of disinformation. 


Steven C. Flanders