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Our congressmen must stand up to Trump
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Dear editor,

Congressman Roger Marshall, Senator Jerry Moran, Senator Pat Roberts: I am calling on you to take a stand against the corruption of the Trump administration. The ONLY reason Robert Mueller’s report did not recommend charging Donald Trump with obstruction is because of a POLICY established by the DOJ in 1973. The U.S. Constitution is the law of the land, not DOJ policy. You were hired to stand up for us, and all I see is you standing silent on Trump’s corruption and criminal behavior.

I’ve been a Republican for 47 years. I’m appalled to see this GOP forget about its constituents and solely be in DC to stand up for Trump. This country deserves better. We do not deserve a president who commits crimes. We do not deserve a president who goes around the world criticizing Americans. It’s time you stand up for us! It’s time to stand for the law. It’s time to take a stand against Trump’s behavior and demand better. That’s what we hired you to do. Do it.

Sharon McGinness