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Paint Congress red next month
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To the editor:

Over the last two years, the Democrats have driven our economy into the ground. It is extremely infuriating that this mess did not have to happen; but rather, is the consequence of terrible, irresponsible decisions.

From young couples trying to start a family, to older couples trying to raise that family while saving for retirement to retirees trying to make their hard-earned savings last their lifetimes; millions of Americans are suffering from these decisions. Lack of confidence in the present and little hope for the future is resulting in some young prospective parents reconsidering the possibility of even having children.

This is a cruel antithesis to our American Dream.

Mid-term elections are 37 days away. The first step in implementing positive change is to paint the Congress red. We must not allow the Democrats the opportunity to continue to damage our country.

Then, we must decrease corruption in our Congress; impose age and term limits, balance the annual federal budget and eliminate insider stock trading. If Congress will not impose these restrictions on themselves, the Convention of States is a viable option.

We must demand bipartisan, sensible efforts to confront issues like immigration, inflation, supply, the energy crisis, the banking crisis, the national debt and the evolution of significant amounts of green energy into our electrical grid.

I believe that our way of life is seriously threatened and will continue to be until we make meaningful changes to the composition of our government. My motto to implement improvement for some time has been, “Remember in November!”

Don McCullough