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Petroleum purveyors pumping prodigious profits?
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To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, one resident remarked that on a trip to Kansas City, he noted that we in Great Bend suffer one of, if not the highest fuel prices in the state.

To support that view, I recently completed a trip to Memphis, Tenn. to visit relatives. This encompassed traveling through Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee. At no time on this entire trip did I spend more than 2.99 per gallon, while the prices in Great Bend when I left were 3.491

To operate a business without profits is unreasonable,-but surely those retailers who are selling fuel for less than 3.00 per gallon aren’t giving it away or selling at cost to be charitable? Would love to hear from a local fuel retailer to explain this.

Additionally, isn’t it strange that when we have an adjustment of fuel prices like the recent drop to 3.35 (at the time of this writing), still leaves Great Bend as highest? I have also noted that every station in town drops at the same time, to the same cost when the price varies! Oh, there may be a one or two cent difference, but again, would love to hear how this is done among competing retailers!! Who is this person or persons that price our petroleum?

Larry Holtrop

Great Bend