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Policies threaten our Constitution
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To the editor,

As America’s ethnic and cultural identity is being torn asunder by Joe Biden’s immigration criminality and mask mandates are being reimposed on many Americans, coronavirus infected illegal’s are being negligently shipped throughout the United States. Who will stand up for the citizens born here and that came legally?

The people who built this country, fought the wars, pay the taxes and patrol the mean streets in police uniforms are being propelled into second class status by philosophical degenerates who have an absolute belief in their own supremacy. They twist our children with elitist lies like ‘critical race theory’ and obliterate high paying jobs in the name of hogwash called ‘global climate change’.

While sitting in gated communities with taxpayer funded security protecting their own backsides, they try to destroy the second amendment to the Constitution. A constitution whose only value to them is a punch line in the malignant propaganda they spew.

Gregory Bontrager