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Poll observer waxes poetic
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To the editor:

As a registered nonpartisan poll protection observer on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, I witnessed democracy in action. What a privilege! Citizens honored their pledge to these United States of America. No matter life’s path or position, democracy established voting, the great leveler.


They arrived dedicated, duty bound in democracy’s name.

One ballot per each.

Cadillacs parked aside rust buckets,

One ballot per each.

The privileged and the poor opened the door.

One ballot per each.

The stout, the wispy, the frail,

Crutches and canes, walkers and boots,

One ballot per each.

In this great land divided by theories,

Convictions and beliefs,

Each vote counts no more than the last.

Every vote speaks.

One ballot per each.

Dolores Baker

Great Bend