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Questions remain from Jan. 6
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To the editor:

I have waited to write this letter about the events of Jan. 6th until I had more information. I did not want to jump to conclusions.

First, what happened on that day was abhorrent and I denounce it emphatically, as I do all riots.

Second, some writers have written criticizing our representative and senator as if they were breaking the law when they voted against some electors. Mr. Svaty gave three reasons why he thought they may have voted as they did. He did not mention a fourth, which was they were doing their duty as prescribed by law.

The writers either have short memories or deliberately misled us because the Democrats voted against electors from several states in the 2016 election. Such prominent democrats as Nanci Pelosi and Barbara Boxer have voted against electors.

Third, I am 87 years of age and have never seen such hate as there is in America. The Democrats hated Trump even before he took office, wanting him impeached. That was their obsession. Obama and Biden spied on him illegally even though the FBI found no collusion with the Russians.

Fourth, why have we not gotten the full story about January 6th? Where was the security? Nancy Pelosi is responsible for security at the capital. Why was the request for the National Guard turned down even though there were reports of possible trouble? Nancy needs to testify publicly under oath about what she knew, when she knew it and what she did about it.

Don Siemsen