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Raising taxes won't improve schools
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To the editor:

Security for our kids is very important. But, raising our taxes is not the answer. We need better and more involvement by school administrators. Ask yourself how it’s possible that a child is bullied and molested on a school bus with a bus driver and school officials present and no one comes to the aid of the victim.

Recently a child in California was attacked and injured by bullies. It was all on security video, a school official was seen walking past the incident, within a few feet, and did nothing to help the victim. How is this possible?

Yes, we need more security for our children. But giving more money to them is not the answer. They say they need 45 million more dollars to secure the buildings. Well, I say if there were not so much waste there would be enough money to upgrade the security of the buildings without adding more tax burden on the taxpayers.

Well, give them more money so they can sit in their cushie little offices and figure out how to waste it. Or tell them to get off their duff and earn what they get.

The best security for everyone is instead of pouring more money down the rathole: pay our police officers what they deserve. Let them do what they do best. The threat to our kids comes from within not from outside.

Stop tying our officers’ hands and let them do what they do best. Our laws make it so an officer is punished for stopping a criminal in the act. All the criminal has to do is to be able to outrun the officer to get away scot free.

Heaven help us if a criminal is injured while he’s being stopped from hurting somebody else when we have tied the hands of the police. What are you going to do when you need help and there is no one willing to step up for fear of being in more trouble than the criminal?

Yes, security is important, but extravagant spending is not the answer. Spend more money on security, and education, less on play things and waste. Show us you are interested in our kids, not what you can waste.

Schools get well over half of the state’s entire budget. That includes law enforcement, firefighters, road and bridge, construction maintenance equipment. And every other thing the state is responsible for.

Add them all together and it’s less that the schools get. I say that enough is enough. Just the opinion of an over taxed frustrated citizen.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend