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Reader shares prayer for new year
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To the editor:

With the COVID scenario behind and still ahead of us an encouraging prayer I recently came across as helpful states: Father we surrender this past year and give it up to you. We give you our failures, our regrets and our disappointments for we have no more use for them. Make us now a new people, forgetting what lies behind and pressing on toward that which lies ahead of us. We give you all our hopes and dreams for the future. Purify them by your spirit so that our will shall truly reflect you will for us. As we stand at the threshold of another year encourage us by our successes of the past, challenge us by the power of your word, and guide us by the presence of your Holy Spirit. (Author unknown)

With confidence in God, we can look back and look ahead, then walk boldly into a new year.

I believe the victories of the past give courage for the future.

Shirley Degenhardt

Great Bend