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Rebuilding America starts at home
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To the editor:

We are not a healthy society. Values that once made America great have severely declined, causing anger, divisiveness and violence.

The decline started soon after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Unfortunate legislation like the “Great Society,” unpopular wars, Kent State, and the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King followed. Poverty increased across the country and the gap between rich and poor widened.

Values, shaped by spirituality, are passed down to children through churches, schools and parental guidance. In the past 60 years, our church attendance has steadily declined. Our universities are no longer simple educational facilities, but agendas of political and social commentary. In some communities over 70% of babies are born to single mothers while parenting has become more permissive and entitling. No wonder our values have slipped.

In this same time period, we have seen an increase in violent crimes, substance abuse, fake news, mental illness and political corruption.

While we certainly need social, economic, educational and political reforms, the starting point to rebuilding America begins with restoring our values and attitudes. Everyone must do their best to become role models for our youth, teaching peace, kindness, respect, self-discipline, tolerance, harmony and decency.  

Don McCullough