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This Republican will vote for Bollier
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To the editor:

A neighbor recently shared with me her intervention preventing my Barbara Bollier sign from being stolen from my front yard. One evening as it was becoming dark, she noticed some fellows in a pickup checking out her yard’s political signs which were up close to her home. Then she watched and then accosted them when they stopped nearby and, on foot, started to approach my yard where my sign was close to the street. She yelled at them saying to the effect, “You’d better not remove that sign from that lady’s yard! If I don’t see that sign in her yard tomorrow morning, I’m calling the sheriff! I know what you look like and I know what your truck looks like and what you are doing is against the law!”

I’m guessing that they were probably part of the noisy parade that harassed a peaceful gathering at the Veterans Park recently where Barbara Bollier was present to answer voter’s questions. Now I firmly believe that those hoodlums (young men) have a right to their political opinions, but they have no right to steal my property. Their actions are only one of the many reasons for my response to them, “You have heard this before, I have been a Republican all my life but, in this election, I’m voting for Barbara Bollier!” 


Carol Woodmansee

Great Bend