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Resist the power-mongering sycophants
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To the editor:

What a shame to see Barack Obama and his cadre of celebrity sycophants, and politicians like Rashida Tlaib (to name a few) frolic maskless at parties and crowded public events while these same hypocrites will excoriate the nameless faceless proletariat for exercising exactly the same freedom.

American’s only desire is to be free from the heavy hand of power-mongers, who are attempting to parse every aspect of our lives, all done under the color of law. The American people are being viewed as if they are inmates in a maximum security cellhouse.

The spirit of King George III resides at the highest levels of American government and is just as feckless and power-mad now as he was then.

At some point it may be necessary for the proles to show that resistance is not futile, and if need be direct noncompliance with the King and his minions may be necessary.

Gregory Bontrager