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Right-wing disinformation continues
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To the editor:

We see the same disturbing pattern being repeated in the Biden administration that was evident in his presidential campaign. A refusal to acknowledge the havoc raised by BLM and Antifa rioters until forced to do so by typically friendly media outlets.

At this moment an unchecked World invasion of the United States along our southern border is underway. Yet Biden told political commentator Charles Hurt that he inherited this problem from the previous administration and the situation was now under control.

Instead of facing the crisis he created, Biden has constructed a “Potemkin” border where Mexican cartels aren’t really engaging in rampant human trafficking or drug peddling and unvetted foreign nationals aren’t being surreptitiously scattered throughout the United States. That’s all right-wing disinformation.

Clearly the Biden administration has placed the welfare of the nation below their own perceived political self-interest. Preferring instead to stand idly by while innocent American communities are being thrown to the wolves, forced to bear the brunt of this manufactured calamity.

Gregory Bontrager