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School district land purchase hurts taxpayers
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To the editor:

Did I just read what I think I did? It took me a while to realize that I actually just read that the school district is going to buy the old Becker Tire facility. We just went through an attempt to saddle us with an enormous bond because they said that we needed storm shelters and other things for our school kids. Now all at once they have enough money to buy turf for the sports complex and to buy Becker Tire. What happened to the desperate need of storm shelters? 

They are absolutely out of control. None of their reckless spending has anything to do with what the kids need but what the administrators want to satisfy their extravagant wants. These people do not have a clue what our kids actually need. I don’t know what they are going to pay for that facility but you can believe it will be plenty. And it is going to cost you plenty. Not only will the taxpayers be saddled with the bill but the property will come off the tax rolls so the taxpayers will be hit with a double whammy. 

Come on people, we have just gone through a year of tremendous strain on our economy. Our people and our businesses are fighting for survival and all the school can think of is spend more of your money on things that have nothing to do with educating the kids. What is it going to take for the taxpayers to wake up and see what they are doing? With their tax-and-spend attitude our kids have a very bleak future. They are going to be saddled with unmanageable debt. After all of the reckless spending they will fade off into the sunset, the kids will grow up to overwhelming debt with no way out. These people are living in a fantasy world. It is time to wake up and come to reality.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend