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Show concern for prison residents
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To the editor:

I am probably one of many with great concerns about my father, who is housed at Ellsworth Correctional Facility in the midst of COVID-19. I am reaching out to other friends and family encouraging they also reach out to media.

The number of cases has exploded from the first time I heard of a case at Ellsworth. It makes me question what steps staff are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Whatever steps they are taking does not appear to be making the number of cases lower.

I do not only have concern for my father, but all the other residents at the facility. They are still humans and should be safeguarded just like the rest of us! The residents have already had to forfeit family visits and some may not even be afforded video visits. It is very upsetting to think, I may not see my father again before this is over. I am sure plenty of other people feel the same about their loved ones housed there.

Please reach out to the prison for an interview regarding the safeguards they are taking to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

Lisa Bowers