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So much drama
On stage, it's a good thing
Life on the Ark.jpg

The dramatic offerings in the Golden Belt this weekend are many. In fact, some of the productions opened on Thursday.

If you love musicals, you’re in luck. A few of the musicals going on this weekend are: “Church Basement Ladies,” by Great Bend Community Theatre at Barton Community College; “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” by Ellinwood High School at the EHS Auditorium; “The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood,” by Larned High School at the Larned Community Center; and “Oliver!” by Sterling High School at the SHS Theater.

Don’t care for musicals but love live theater? There’s also the Great Bend High School fall play, “As Your Wish,” at the GBHS Auditorium and “Alice in Wonderland” at the Barton Community College Planetarium. Breaking news: “Alice” has been postponed. There will be one show, at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 3.

There’s always way too much drama in our lives, isn’t there? Not the kind being put on by students and community members for our entertainment — the drama we deal with on a daily basis can be as petty as family squabbles or as far-reaching as the impeachment hearings going on in Washington, D.C. Speaking of the hearings, this week the Heartland Center for Spirituality hosted a conversation on “Being people of peace during an impeachment process.” As the sponsors of the event explained, “An impeachment process is inherently contentious and divisive, with potential consequences to important relationships. This evening presentation will provide guidance on how to live through these historically significant times by staying informed and engaging in discussions freely and respectfully. The presentation and discussion follow-up will not take sides, but will emphasize practical suggestions and encouragements to safeguard against damaging important relationships.” 

Bad drama in the form of histrionics and narcissism isn’t limited to politics. Wherever humans get together, there’s the potential for that kind of drama.

What a relief to have a weekend where our choices for drama are all meant solely to entertain us. What a shame if the public failed to show its support for the actors, technical crews and producers and just stayed home.

Now, just to add a bit of drama (i.e., controversy) into this applause for stage dramas: Great Bend residents who get a look at the Sterling High School Theater will be impressed. They may decide that it’s a good idea to buy nice things for our own schools — even if it takes a bond issue to pay for them.

Putting that aside, we remind you that watching a staged drama is an agreeable way to pass a few hours with others.