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Someone needs to come forward on unsolved murders
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To the editor:

I have lived in Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, but only in Kansas was I truly shocked by a double murder (Dolly Madison) in Great Bend. (Editor’s note: On Sept. 4, 2002, store employee Mandi Alexander, 24, and customer Mary Drake, 79, were killed at the Dolly Madison bakery outlet store at 1004 Harrison St. The crime remains unsolved.) If you know something about the crime, contact the KBI in Great Bend – possibly Agent Corey Latham. This needs solved period.

My mom, Louise Esther Walgreen, knew one of the victims. There is a reward, I had heard. Please step forward. Be a real man or woman. Do right, you’ll be a hero! I would in a minute. Great Bend = Great Place. Make it greater for yourself and everybody. Amen.

Roy Nelson

South Hutchinson