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Taxpayers said ‘no’ and they did it anyway
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To the editor:

Well, once again the school officials have thumbed their noses at the voters. I wasn’t going to say anything when I read about them spending four and one half million on a bus barn that was voted on and voted down. But the next day I got a letter that my property taxes will in raise. They say they are not increasing taxes but that is a blatant lie. They have increased the valuation of my property, which means more tax. 

The turf was voted down but they got it anyway, the bus barn was voted down but they get it anyway. 

They have proved over and over again that they don’t give a hoot what the voters want. They are totally out of control. 

And the sad part is they don’t improve education one bit; they only improve their work environment. Their interest is only on what they want, not what the students need. They are living in the lap of luxury at the taxpayers’ expense. They have proven that they did not need the millions of dollars they tried to con the taxpayers out of by buying what they wanted anyway. It was just a con to bilk you out of more money. They hoard your money like a squirrel in a grove of walnut trees. 

On the other side, the property that they are buying is coming of the tax rolls, which again will cause your taxes to increase. Make no mistake, you the taxpayers will pay the bill. 

It is time to hold them accountable. These people are not your masters, they are your employees. It is time that we take charge. It is time that we insist that they represent us, not themselves. When they go against the voters they should be immediately recalled – no exceptions.

Bernard C. Levings

Great Bend