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There is hope if we vote carefully
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To the editor:

While we have multiple problems in our country today that generate constant negativity, I’d like to offer a different perspective. These negatives may actually turn into positives as they are exposing so many weaknesses in our governmental structure. With the proper leadership, we have the resources and ability to correct these weaknesses and significantly improve conditions in so many areas of our society. 

This coming election may be the most important election in the history of the United States. I believe it is imperative to dismiss the personalities of the two candidates; to examine what they have actually done rather that what they say, and concentrate on the issues and reforms that they promote.

We also must end the divisiveness and hatred in our government. We should make it very clear to all of our elected officials that we will not tolerate it.

Every voter in our country should become well informed regarding the important issues and vote for the candidate who best addresses these issues.

More motivation for American corporations to stay in America and the creation of many new jobs is vital. The critical need of massive infrastructure repair throughout the country while training thousands of new skilled laborers through state-of-the-art Vo Tech schools, welfare restructuring and prison reform would provide the needed jobs and trained workers.

Our welfare system is disorganized, inefficient and morally degenerative. It negatively impacts values such as self-reliance, a strong work ethic and the maintenance of the family unit. It should be reorganized as a work training program for all healthy people receiving welfare of any kind. Welfare should be a transition to meaningful employment, not a way of life.

Our present prison systems are archaic and offer little hope of rehabilitation. They, too, should be reorganized to teach employable skills to select offenders in order to place them in jobs upon release.

Our national debt is astronomical and will someday destroy us if it is not brought under control. Controlling government spending while growing the economy will certainly help.

The costs of medical procedures have skyrocketed and must be reduced and standardized across the country.

Income taxes are a complex balance between several critical economic factors and any revisions must be carefully considered. The codes are biased, however, toward wealthy individuals and corporations with many tax credits that should be carefully examined and some, no doubt, rescinded.

Border control is important as so many of our social and educational systems are overloaded and/or broken and need reform. We must fix these systems before we consider adding very many more people to the mix.

The energy crisis is misunderstood by many as there is no immediate crisis in traditional sources such as oil, coal, and gas. The crisis is the obsolescence and vulnerability of our electrical grid and the inability to store meaningful amounts of electricity. Widespread use of green energy like wind, wave and solar power will never be practical until we are able to store electricity. The Department of Energy is diligently working on electrical storage and some experts hope it will be available within the next decade which will generate many more economic opportunities and provide the use of much more green energy.

Poverty, mental health problems, substance abuse, crime and civil unrest will naturally decrease as a result of these reforms, while environmental issues like infrastructure, climate control and clean air will improve. With the proper leadership, we have so many opportunities to improve the lives of millions of Americans if our leaders can unite, prioritize our problems, develop long range plans and implement them.

Vote carefully.

Don McCullough