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Think globally to help protect Kansan citizens from COVID-19
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To the editor:

In recent news, Kansas COVID-19 rates have been declining due to the abundance of vaccines. But how effective will these vaccines be when COVID-19 variants are becoming the norm and could make vaccines obsolete?

Vaccines are our passport out of this pandemic, but we are not safe until the world is. The unvaccinated and unchecked spread of COVID-19 could stop all progress we have made thus far. If countries are unable to vaccinate their population, additional dangerous variants will mutate and spread all over the world.

A recent poll of likely voters has found that most Americans want to see the U.S. step up and take charge on the world stage. Voters across all parties also support the U.S. in helping distribute vaccines globally and equitably to any country in need. The U.S. has its citizens’ support to take a global action against COVID-19.

This measure will not only help eliminate COVID-19 but protect all Kansas citizens. I ask Senator Marshall and Senator Moran to step up and protect Kansas by supporting this measure in the Senate. Kansans lives are in your hands.

Marta Richenburg 

Kansas City