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Time to show support for our first responders
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To the editor,

Okay, I’ve read the paper and see that the Sports Complex turf project has started, work is continuing on Police Station and City Hall Project, and funding options are being considered for Heizer Park. These are important projects for many and I support them. This council is making a big difference in our community and are trying hard to work with everyone.

What I haven’t seen is if and when the city will give us a chance to vote on the Benefit Package for our First Responders. I noticed that the City Council is still meeting at the Convention Center till some time in September. Since the City Council Meeting is open to the public, I feel now is the time to get to them and find out when we will get a chance to vote on whether or not this will get on the ballot.

The next meeting is going to be Monday, August 2nd at 6:30 p.m. While we still have the opportunity to show our support and practice safe social distancing I feel we need to show up and support our First Responders. We need to show a united support in putting a stop to the wasteless spending of training First Responders for other communities. We have done this far too long. It has to be dealt with now!

It is our responsibility to have the courage to support the people that we expect to answer our calls when we need emergency services. If you stand with me on this issue I would encourage you to be at the Council meeting to show community support .

We can do this by showing up in numbers quietly and peacefully, by standing with them. No need to have anything to say, just show that by being at that meeting we want to have our chance to vote on a way to support these First Responders. Present us with an option that we can decide on to give these First Responders a Benefit Package that will keep our trained personnel in our community. They deserve that much.

I hope you will mark this on your calendar to be at this meeting. It’s time to take this off the back burner and get something accomplished for the betterment of “our” community.

Be responsibe – bring your mask and plan to social distance so as not to create problems for these First Responders.

Thanks for your consideration.

Marge Bieberle

Great Bend