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Time to get pay attention
Forum a chance to meet the candidates
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On Thursday night, the Great Bend League of Women Voters will hold a candidates’ forum. The group has invited those on the ballot for all the county-level offices as well as for the state House and Senate.
It is more difficult on this local of a stage for candidates to dodge and avoid the voters. Heck, they see them in the check-out lines at the grocery store or at brunch after church on Sundays.
But, this is still a county with about 16,000 registered voters. Not all will cross paths with office seekers in such casual settings and there are few options otherwise.
That’s what makes events like the LWV’s forum so important. This is another tool in our democracy tool box, a chance to see the candidates in one place at one time. It is a time to corner them in the Crest Theater lobby or on the sidewalk outside and find out what makes them tick.
Nothing beats seeing these folks face to face. But, to expand the reach of this forum, the Great Bend Tribune, which sponsors the gathering, will broadcast it live over the Internet. It may not be the same as being there, but those who watch will have the opportunity to follow along and gain some insight into who is seeking their votes.
Our democracy requires an active and informed electorate for its success.
Dale Hogg