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Time to heal
When the election is over, lets get along
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It seems like its dragged on forever. But, after months of rancorous campaigning, nasty advertising and signs sprouting up like mushrooms, the 2012 general election happens today.
Each subsequent election gets more and more divisive. Politicians on both sides blast each other. One side promises to make the other side’s candidate a one-hit wonder. The other side vows not to compromise.
Even locally, we have contested races where just weeks ago there were none.
Ironically, this is both the frustrating aspect of our political system and the most beautiful. The process allows for many voices and many choices. The very nature of a multi-party democracy means there will be conflict.
But, when practiced as envisioned by our founding fathers, this also brings new ideas to light and gives the people the ability to chart the course they want by casting their votes.
The system also assures that no one elected office has the power to totally change this course.
Today, as we head to the polls, let’s remember that regardless of what party affiliations we might have, at our core we are all still Americans. We are also still residents of Kansas and the Golden Belt. Many of us are even neighbors.
After the results come in, let us set aside the political differences that may separate us, accept the outcomes and move on to make this a nation, state, county and community we can all be proud to call home.
Dale Hogg