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Two choices: Totalitarianism or martial law
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To the editor:

I hope this is the last time I feel compelled to write anything of a serious nature on any media source because what I deeply fear is tremendously pessimistic and my heart bleeds for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

For several months, I have believed that no matter who won the presidential election, if the Republicans could win the Senate seats in Georgia, the balance of power in our government would prevent any party from overthrowing the government of the United States.

One of the best things President Trump did for us is to show the tremendous amount of corruption in our government. One of the worst things he did for us (besides losing the election) was to expose the great amount of corruption that exists in our government.

The Democratic party is corrupt, the Republican party is corrupt, the FBI is corrupt, the Department of Justice is corrupt; major media and higher education are corrupt and the Supreme Court is suspect after failing to even investigate possible elections fraud in only five different states and offering at least to me, a very confusing rationale. 

Treason has probably been committed by very highly placed officials in our government and nothing has been done. Both parties talk, talk and talk and nothing substantial happens. I am sick of the talk. We all know that with the election of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s criminal charges will go away. What a coincidence that the FBI just “accidentally” destroyed his laptop.

I fear that in a very short period of time, abortions will be rampant, immigration will be unlimited, overloading our already inefficient educational, criminal justice, welfare systems while driving our outdated infrastructure and electrical grids to destruction. We will have little adequate housing and little means to heat or light our residences. We will lose freedom of speech and the right to own guns. I fear mass persecutions of all people in power who supported Trump and all this information suppressed or distorted by a corrupt media.

Taxes will increase, jobs will decrease, poverty will increase, including lack of food and water; and there will be a very few very wealthy people and many impoverished people. We will become a totalitarian, dictated, State owned country with no civil rights. We will become a third world country like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia and China.

We have two options. One is to sit back, hope for the best and let it happen. This is sure destruction for our country. The other is to activate the Insurrection Act and marital law, and see where that leads us.

I have thought that a third party might be a viable option, but the powers that be will never let that happen.

I have said for several years that this was the most important presidential election in the history of our country. It was and unfortunately, it went the wrong way.

Don McCullough