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Under woke socialists, we spiral downward
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To the editor:

When candidate Ronald Reagan asked President Jimmy Carter in a 1980 presidential debate “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” the answer was absolutely not. Now the question is are you better off after five months of the Biden administration compared to any president in recent history?

In my opinion, judging by the price of gasoline, natural gas, electricity, border security, inflation, unemployment or any other measure you choose, this is the most rapid under-reported downward spiral I have ever seen.

Evidently the American people haven’t learned that by populating our government with serial liars and influence peddlers like Joe Biden and his malignant ilk is a fast track to disaster.

While the previous administration’s brilliantly honed foreign policy is being dismantled and our schools are firmly in the grasp of radical teachers unions, remember we could have been on the path to a more prosperous, equitable union instead of this headlong plunge toward the foul stench of a woke socialist sewer.

Gregory Bontrager