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The United States is a nation of laws
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To the editor:

We have some serious confusion in our country of law and justice. Biden criticizes our law enforcement personnel for enforcing laws that they are being paid to do. They are only protecting our borders against an invasion. They are only trying to protect the citizens by using horses to help protect themselves. In many countries, they would be met with military weapons and believe me the outcome would be much different.

V.P. Harris said it reminds her of slavery days. Well Madam V.P., I studied history too and I cannot for the life of me not remember when the United States was ever invaded by hordes of slaves. We are being invaded by who knows what, criminals, terrorists, at the very best people that have no respect for our laws. And lord only knows what diseases.

President Biden wants to punish our border patrol for protecting us against this invasion. Law enforcement is having their hands tied by idiot politicians. 

When an officer accidently hurts a criminal he is prosecuted and sent to jail and then the criminal’s family is invited to the White House so the president can kiss their keaster and say I am so sorry that our officer took down a person that has a long criminal history. I am so sorry that I offended the criminal. 

Make no mistake people, our country is under invasion and the dimwit politicians are way out front of the pack. We have immigration laws to protect U.S. citizens as well as the immigrants. It is time we started to use them. It is time that the United States of America became a nation of laws again.

It is about time that the United States became great again.

Bernard Levings

Great Bend