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A clean sweep
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A burglar in Byram, Miss. wound up on the fighting side of Cindy Davis the other day, and he was sorry he’d done so when the baby sitter got done brooming his behind.
The perp also ended up experiencing the wrath of the family’s terrier who bit him, despite getting booted across the room for his trouble.
If you’ve ever known a good, tough American terrier you can imagine the picture.
Cinnamon is this tough mutt’s name, and you can imagine that he didn’t stay down for long, but launched back into the attack to defend home and family.
Between the babysitter with the broom and the terrier with the nips, the perp — whose name doesn’t bare repeating here — didn’t last long in this portion of his criminal career.
Davis soon had the would-be crook headed out the door.
He was arrested a short time later.
He’s facing charged of burglary of an occupied dwelling and aggravated assault.
Davis and Cinnamon, in the mean time, are heroes and examples of the American spirit that has been a part of our make up from the pioneers on. You mess with our home, you mess with our kids, you mess with our pooch, you mess with us and you’d better be ready for the broom.
It’s the spirit that made America great and you’d better believe it’s still alive and well, whether our enemies from without and within recognize that fact or not.
— Chuck Smith