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According to NFL, seeing is believing
TMZ justice
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My suggestion when Pro Bowl back Ray Rice was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault was suspension for life from the NFL.
At the time, the facts clearly indicated that Ray Rice knocked his fiancée unconscious at an Atlantic City casino earlier this year.
I did not need a video to come to that conclusion.
Witnesses reported that Rice dragged his unconscious fiancée from a casino elevator in February.  
The NFL and the Baltimore Ravens, let alone the worthless prosecutors, apparently saw no evil.
Rice avoided jail time and a trial because he’s a multi-millionaire NFL player who bought legal help.
Rice entered a diversion program to avoid a jail sentence. He was suspended two games by the NFL.
When it comes to domestic abuse, the NFL’s message was crystal clear — when a young woman gets assaulted, two games was enough.
After all, the NFL believes that domestic abuse is just part of doing business.
The Ravens were on board with endorsing domestic violence  — Rice was cleared to play football next week.
Ravens fans approved of fiancee beating too. They gave Rice a standing ovation when he jogged onto the field during training camp. Ravens fans should be proud.
Thanks to the maverick website, Rice is getting payback for his uncontrolled temper.
A newly-released video from TMZ Sports shows an altercation before Rice knocks Palmer off her feet and into a railing.
Rice was fired from his job and immediately suspended indefinitely by the NFL after the video was released. Rice was expected to be paid $11 million over the next three years.
The victim, Janay Palmer, married Rice because he’s a multi-millionaire who can provide a lavish lifestyle. Abused parties have a difficult time breaking free from their abuser.  
Abused parties know what is happening is not right. Some believe they can fix the problem. Many admit they can’t fix the problem, but they stay anyway.
Palmer is already blaming the media for their continued trouble — a catch phrase for, “What are we going to do without $11 million in income the next three years?
The prosecution, the NFL and the Ravens all had performed their investigation. They knew the facts of the case. They didn’t need a video to confirm what they already knew.
The prosecutors were simply scared to convict a high-profile NFL player. The NFL wanted the Rice incident to be swept under the rug. The Ravens wanted their All-Pro football player back on the field.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted that, “I didn’t get it right. Simply put, we have to do better.”
Next time, they’ll know to ask TMZ Sports for help.

Jim Misunas