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Breaking Ground: Expanding health centers a plus
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The announcement that the Heartland Cancer Center in Great Bend will be redesigned and expanded is welcome news.
Unfortunately, the number of cancer patients continues to grow. Virtually everyone knows someone affected by the disease. The silver lining in that cloud is that part of the increase is due to improved methods of early detection, and improved treatments that prolong the lives of patients. At any rate, HCC now needs additional space. A groundbreaking ceremony on a 5,000-square-foot addition will be held on Aug. 6.
Administrator Scott Taylor notes, “The increase in the number of patients at Heartland Cancer Center in Great Bend in recent years has been significant. To ensure our patients are treated in a comfortable and therapeutic setting, we will add space and equipment.”
Earlier this year, Great Bend residents saw another new building completed by another health-care provider, as a Hutchinson Clinic building opened on the campus of Great Bend Regional Hospital.
Improvements such as these mean more people can get speciality medical treatment right here in Great Bend, rather than traveling 60 miles or more. It may not be as exciting as a new retail store, but an expansion such as this improves the quality of life in our community.