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Cheyenne Bottoms great natural resource
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Cheyenne Bottoms is a wetlands of international importance, attracting visitors from across the world.
The only natural flock of endangered whooping cranes in the U.S. flies through Cheyenne Bottoms during the spring and fall.
Hundreds of thousands of water fowl will rest in their flight north at Cheyenne Bottoms in a spectacular sight unique to this region this month and over the next couple of months.
The Kansas Wetlands Education Center is particularly informative about this natural resource and is definitely worth the few minutes drive to learn about Cheyenne Bottoms.
Some complain about having nothing to do in Barton County. KWEC holds many programs for all ages, including children and adults that improve one’s mind as well as being fun.
The van tours offered by KWEC are an excellent way to learn about the area as well. They offer expert guidance, binoculars, and sharp eyes to spot some of those elusive species.
KWEC is staffed by biologists with great knowledge of the habits of birds.
A local community group recently held a coffee at KWEC. Approximately 25 percent of those present from the area had never been to KWEC.
Those who haven’t been out are missing out.
This spring is an excellent time to go out to KWEC.
Karen La Pierre