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Compromise is a must for leaders
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Compromise is defined as a settlement of differences by mutual concession. Or a more common sense definition would be that compromise is when both parties walk away unhappy.
It seems at both the state and national level many of our legislators have forgotten what that word means.
Certain representatives think that unless they get 100 percent of what they want, they won’t do anything.
This just is not the American way.
This country was founded on freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.
The best leaders take into consideration all of the facts and then make a decision that is best for the majority. They don’t decide by a rote recitation of one parties’ rhetoric.
If they are not independent thinkers, they become followers – not leaders.
Some of our current crop of legislators clearly would follow the leader over the cliff.
Gov. Sam Brownback rejected $31.5 million federal grant for a new health-insurance exchange.
Art funding was cut to zero during 2011.  It was once again funded during 2012 at about the same rate as 2010 because of the loss of grants. According to the Wichita Eagle, the $1.2 million of matching grant funding per year won’t be reinstated until 2014.
Base state aid for schools and funding for social services has decreased.
Brownback contributed to the campaigns of chosen legislators, and has passed  with the cooperation of the House, tax cuts for the wealthy. It is projected to cause deficits.
This state will suffer. Some cuts needed to be done because of declining revenue; however, some of these cuts have gone too far.
We need leaders as legislators.

Karen La Pierre