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Dog Park-a tremendous asset to the community
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The Great Bend Dog Park is a tremendous asset to the city.
For dog lovers, it allows their pets to have an enclosed area to run safely. Dogs love to go there, and owners enjoy watching their dog having fun and exercising.
It presents an opportunity for dog owners to socialize and get to know others in the community, increasing community ties.
It has everything a dog would want- fresh running water to drink and a fire hydrant for the boys.
Yet, a problem has arisen this winter.
Some pet owners are not cleaning up the dog dirt.
It is posted as one of the written rules at the park.
It is simply polite.
It is convenient and easy with the plastic bags and containers placed strategically throughout the park.
A lot of animals use the facility, and certain areas are littered with dog doo doo.
We want to continue to have the park available as a clean, safe area for dogs to play.
As some point, unclean becomes unsafe.
It’s understandable to occasionally lose track of your dog and where they leave a pile. It happens.
But if that is the case, then the owner ought to be picking up some courtesy piles and leave the area cleaner than when they came, not dirtier.
Let’s all continue to make the Dog Park fabulous!