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Don't forget to shovel after snow storms
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The golden belt area has received an abundance of snow this year. Our crops this summer will appreciate the water that is soaking in the ground now.
But, February can indeed be the cruelest month. Between gray days, cold, endless snow and frequent illness, the beginning of this month was not particularly pleasant.
Folks are tired of winter. The pleasant weather of the past few days has offered a break, but old man winter may soon return.
Some home owners shoveled during the last snow storm. Many did not.
It is so easy to look at what we perceive as the mistakes of others and forget our own glaring errors.
While complaints have been loud and frequent about the snow removal of the city, people are forgetting they are breaking the law when they don’t shovel.
Communities in the area require that snow be shoveled off of sidewalks by city ordinance. It is the owner’s responsibility to bundle up and see the snow is removed from their own sidewalk.
Snow shoveling is a physically taxing job. By February, it’s not fun. Some elderly or people with serious health issues are not capable of shoveling.
For those that are young and healthy, shoveling for someone not capable of it is a neighborly thing to do and builds bonds in the community.
When the weather warmed up, it was impossible to walk many blocks in Great Bend because they had not been shoveled.
Not only is it city ordinance, it is also polite.