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Endorsements are closing
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It’s coming up to that time of the election again, the end of the endorsements.
We have another local election next week, on Tuesday, April 5, to be exact, and as is the Tribune policy in all elections, we shut off endorsement Public Forums before the election. The last day we’ll run an endorsement if Friday, and as is always the case, they run on a first-come, first-served basis.
Apparently, in the past, there has been some misunderstanding about why we do this.
There was the suggestion that we do it so that the candidates have a chance to respond on the Sunday before the election.
That is not it.
The last day of publication before an election is left open in case there is a problem in some endorsement that the Tribune has to address.
The campaign issues close as of the Friday Opinion page.
We reserve the ability to address issues on that last day, in case there is a problem.
This has been a long standing practice, dating back at the very least, three decades.
And the majority of our endorsers and candidates, for that matter, have been responsible over the years.
We have had some close calls, however, and if the situations had played out any differently, we would have needed that last chance to get things straightened out.
So, that is why we have the system in place. It’s worked well for a long time. The last day you will see endorsements will be Friday.
That leaves you the weekend and Monday to make your choices, or, if you choose to use advanced voting, you can do so now.
Either way, it’s a great chance for you to exercise your franchise at the local level.
Get out and vote.
— Chuck Smith