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Fighting terrorism requires consensus
ISIS crisis
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Fighting terrorism is no easy task.
When religious beliefs fuel terrorism, it’s a challenging task to know what to do. Killing others for no reason because of a religious belief is simply terrorism — not religion.
The existence of mankind is at stake.
The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) presents a global threat to civilization itself.
ISIS has its origins in what was once known as Al Qaeda in Iraq, which has over a decade in extremist violence. ISIS directs committed jihadists who would rather die than live. They reportedly fund operations through kidnapping and extortion.
The Islamic State, formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is a Sunni jihadist group in the Middle East. It claims religious authority over all Muslims and aspires to bring Muslim-inhabited regions of the world under its political control, starting with Iraq, Syria and other territory including Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Cyprus and Turkey.
ISIS fighters exhibit no respect for human life.
The murder of American journalist James Foley shocked the collective conscience of the world.
Fighters have killed thousands of Shiite Muslims, Christians and Sunni Muslims, whose “faith,” it represents, in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to ignite conflict and hold territory through terror.
It’s not a fight the United States should tackle alone. Building a world-wide consensus is required.
ISIS has continued to unite and rally neighbors against Iraq’s new government.
Already, some collective work has made progress in northern Iraq, where United States airstrikes have provided Iraqi and Kurdish forces to fight off its opposition.
The United States should continue to gather world-wide support for erasing a terroristic group that exhibits no respect for anyone’s life.
The United States, the United Nations and NATO should continue to build a coalition and highlight the danger posed by foreign terrorists.
Good might triumph over evil.
A civilized world demands it.

Jim Misunas