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Flash the ID and vote
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As Kansas approaches another of those horribly trying civic experiences, the burden placed upon responsible members of a horribly free society, there are those who suggest we are just making it too hard on conscientious citizens.
We’re getting ready for another round of local elections and meanwhile, the state is debating — at least the Kansas Senate Ethics and Elections Committee — is debating the proposal from Secretary of State Kris Kobach that suggests there should at least be the same level of security required to exercise one’s franchise in our state as is required to buy cold medicine.
That’s right.
Kobach would require voters to show a photo ID at the polls, and even more than that! It would also make first time registrants prove they are citizens, which, to be honest, could also be done with a valid driver’s license, one would hope.
So this all boils down to requiring Kansas voters to remember to bring their billfold with them when they vote.
Not take a test.
Not prove they have studied the issues.
Not take any test.
Just show that ID.
And you would think that Kobach was trying to use the Constitution for a place mat at a ribs restaurant.
Maybe the mistake here was to every suggest we were doing this to avoid fraud.
Who cares why we are doing it?
What about just general security issues?
It’s a state ID, for crying out loud.
Flash the card and enjoy the benefits of more than 200 years of democracy.
— Chuck Smith