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Forgetting isnt an option
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Monday, Barton County Health Department Director Shelly Schneider reported the turnout at the immunization carnival held earlier this month wasn’t as great as they’d hoped it would be.  That’s too bad, because a lot of kids, especially teens, aren’t up to date on their immunizations she said.  
Most parents are good about getting their kids vaccinated during the early years when visits to the nurse for well checks are more regular and more closely spaced, but when the school years start, life gets hectic and its easy to forget when a few years pass between booster shots.  
Forgetting can leave kids vulnerable when they reach high school from devastating, even life threatening diseases like Meningitis and HPV, right at a time when risk of transmission is highest.  
The good news is, when they get their shots, which Schneider assures are safe, they are protected.  In most instances for the rest of their lives.  That’s a tremendous amount of piece of mind for parent and child.  
With kids heading back to the classroom, there’s no better time to check and see if they’ve got the protection they need at this stage in their lives.  It’s free and easy to check.  
We shouldn’t have to come up with gimmicks like carnivals to get our kids protected. We can’t afford to forget this quick, easy, and very important to do.  

--Veronica Coons