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Game Playing: Voters turned away from polls
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There isn’t any significant voter fraud in Kansas or anywhere else for that matter. According to the Wichita Eagle, Aug. 13, 2012, out of 146 million nationwide voters over 12 years, there was one case for every 15 million prospective voters. Half of those cases were not prosecuted because of confusion about eligibility.
But we know that 18,000 people in Kansas are suspended from voting because of the new laws spearheaded by the current Secretary of State. How much is this costing the state of Kansas? How much does it cost in time for clerks to turn people away and to document and search out those that haven’t followed every rule?
In addition in the primary election, those registered as Independents could not vote if they did not change their affiliation to Democrat or Republican. How many Independents were turned away from the polls because of this, one has to wonder. They were completely eliminated from the democratic process.
Anyone registered as an Independent is probably registered that way because they are, well, independent.
Unfortunately, at some point, it becomes a matter of playing the game to achieve a desired goal, and Independents will have to change their affiliation to a major party to vote in the primary.
The question has to become-why is the Secretary of State so afraid of people voting?
With a voter turnout for the primary of about one in four registered voters, the true problem is getting people to vote.
The people of Kansas voted for Secretary of State Kobach in this primary election, so the people must approve of these limitations.
It is just too bad that only the voices of certain people are allowed to be heard.

Karen La Pierre