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Get involved in solving the problem
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It’s time for Americans to wake up to the fact that they have no one but themselves to blame.
For years, maybe for decades, more and more of us have taken ourselves out of the equation of decision making in this culture and now we are unhappy with the direction it’s heading.
This week, Americans were warned about a couple of the recent studies on the economy.
One showed that Americans are facing two housing markets. The first features luxury homes. It is booming. You can hardly keep a mansion on the market. The other features working-class homes. It is stinko. You can’t get a mortgage anyway, at least nationally.
The other study detailed the bleak outlook for holiday shopping. It also is suggesting that luxury firms are looking for a banner year, but the “lower end” stores are already hurting and are not expecting things to get better.
It represents a pattern that has been facing America for years and one that our elected officials have benefitted from, thanks to us.
They know that as long as they cater to the upper income voters and the special interest groups, those professional organizations and unions and others who have stayed in the political fight, they will get reelected.
The people, who stay at home, who refuse to create a huge voter turn out, who have removed themselves from the fight, are meaningless.
These professional politicians, the faces you’ve seen on the national news for the past generation, learned long ago that they don’t have to do anything that is supportive of John Q. Citizen, because John Q would rather sit at home, glued to “Dancing With The Stars” or “The Biggest Loser” than discipline himself to get educated about the issues and then go to the polls come election day.
By the way, in case you’re not sure who the biggest loser is — look in the mirror if you aren’t involved.
Turn off the TV.
Get active.
It is only by making a difference and being a loud voice in our society that we are going to turn these issues around.
We need to see EVERY election have a record voter turn out.
We need to be so active that an elected official will ignore us and our issues at the risk of his pampered position.
We need to insist that government get a lot smaller and out of our pockets.
That will only happen if the American working class gives up complacency and takes up its franchise again.
— Chuck Smith