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Get out and vote
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There’s an old saying that suggests we get the government that we deserve.
That’s a tough pill to swallow when we look around at our government — especially at the “higher” levels where there are some incredible stands being taken, and not taken, these days.
However, it is certainly true that, if we do NOT vote, we deserve the worst government that is available.
Today is your chance.
Provided you are registered to vote, you need to get around today and cast your ballot.
You just should.
Too many people have given up too much for too many years for the rest of us to take all of that for granted.
It only takes a minute and there is no good excuse to put it off.
Get around today and vote.
You’ll be glad you did — whether you like your government or not. At least you are a part of the system and have gained your right to gripe.
If you don’t vote, clam up.
— Chuck Smith