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Get outside and enjoy it
There is much to be experienced in Great Bend
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 It is amazing what one can see from the back of a bicycle. A casual, informal tour of Great Bend can prove this point.

As one pedals down the streets in just about any neighborhood, there are kids on bikes, parents pushing children in strollers, people walking their dogs and folks just out walking (granted, some were out and about playing Pokemon Go).

Such excursions should also take the rider through any of the many parks in town. At Veterans Memorial Park, they see people of all ages on bikes, groups playing disc golf, teams playing a pick-up game of sand volleyball, or doggie parents with their pets at the dog park.

At Brit Spaugh Zoo, young families with kids in tow,as well as grandparents with their grandchildren, wandered through the exhibits. The playground areas were occupied and the Water Park was hopping.

This could all be seen in one afternoon.

There is more. 

By taking this slow, leisurely cruise, one can become more aware of what there is to see. From the old cannon at Vets to the “Breaking of the Prairie Sod” sculpture at 10th Street and K-96, a bike or walking tour affords the opportunity to stop, read the plaques and really appreciate what is there.

It is great to see Great Bend being enjoyed through these outdoor activities. 

It is also a good time to remind those who don’t get out to take part to do so. They would be greatly enriched.

Dale Hogg