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Get over it
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We’re so ashamed,
The advanced thinkers from the Lincoln Park Zoo have shamed our nation of chimp-watchers, and we are just embarrassed that we would stoop so low to force these critters into suits and ties.
It’s all over the Super Bowl ads this year, according to the Associated Press coverage:
“Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo says there’s nothing funny about a commercial featuring suit-and-tie wearing chimpanzees scheduled to air Sunday during the Super Bowl.
“Dr. Steven Ross of the zoo says’s commercial showing chimps outsmarting a human co-worker actually poses a risk to chimpanzees because people lose sight of the fact they’re an endangered species and become less likely to help save them.
“Ross has made this pitch every year the company featured chimps in commercials but now he’s hoping a recent Duke University study supporting his argument might help turn public opinion against the commercials.
“The Chicago-based company only says the chimps in the commercial were treated humanely.
“The company also says the ads are effective.”
Isn’t that what the ads are supposed to be?
Interestingly, it has also been determined that cats do not REALLY sing Meow-Mix songs; squirrels don’t organize to force vehicles off the road and draft horses don’t gather to play football when humans aren’t watching.
Sure, TV has suggested such things in the past, just as it suggested that chimps wear clothes, that Mr. Ed could reason and the Lassie would have a one-on-one conversation with you if only she could talk.
Oh, and by the way, Lassie was really a MALE dog. That’s why “she” had to be photographed so carefully.
See, it’s just TV.
Let it go.
— Chuck Smith